Industrial automation solutions throughout Australia

Your reliable and affordable provider of industrial automation equipment!

Welcome to Irrisys. Based in Tasmania, we are an all-round industrial automation and process control provider offering cost effective solutions to the industrial and commercial sectors in Australia.

Irrisys can help you deal with the hassle of contracting multiple providers to carry out those big projects. With a large range of automation solutions and on site drafting and design services Irrisys is your first point of call

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Our services

Irrisys offers its customers a wide range of industrial automation and process control solutions throughout Australia, including:

  • Pump management and protection systems
  • Variable speed drives
  • Soft starters
  • Star delta starter systems
  • Industrial mining control projects (including cable winding systems & dewatering systems)
  • SMS Modem Controllers
We pride ourselves on our professional services and we strive to exceed all expectations.  For more professional automation information, contact Irrisys now.

Our clients

We provide solutions across a wide spectrum of economic sectors in Australia, from highly specialised industries that require specific equipment, to large volume industries that need large yet affordable solutions.

Our mission is to provide a service that is professional, safe and timely. Irrisys is your reliable and affordable provider of industrial automation and process control.
For more information on our industrial automation and process control services around Australia please call us today on 
Damien 0419 384 624
Irrigation Automation & Industrial Design
Steve 0417 261 778
 Industrial Automation Service and Electrical Supplies